Deep Tissue Massage

What is a Deep Tissue Massage?

Unlike other massage techniques that focus solely on relaxation, a deep tissue massage has both physical and psychological benefits. Used to treat muscle pain and improve stiffness in the body, your deep tissue massage in Pitt Meadows will leave you relaxed and relieved from unnecessary tension.

If you suffer from musculoskeletal issues, including sports injuries and daily strains, a deep tissue massage uses slow, deep strokes to target connective tissues and the inner layers of your muscles. Since moderate to severe injuries leave scar tissue, the pressure used in this type of massage will break up the damaged tissue to promote healing. All while increasing blood flow and reducing inflammation.

If you’re in need of a deep tissue massage in Maple Ridge, our clinic is centrally located in Pitt Meadows to make the trip as simple and quick as possible. To promote healing from injuries or reduce chronic pain, speak with our therapists at Pre-Kinetic Wellness Centre to find out if a deep tissue massage is right for you.

What are the Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage?

Deep tissue massage is often used to treat chronic pain and aid sports-related injuries. Not only will a deep tissue massage reduce muscle tension, but it also encourages blood circulation and lymph flow. As a result, this activates the circulatory system and increases the flow of oxygen throughout the body, resulting in improved flexibility, greater range of motion, and lowers the risk of injury and/ or strain. From relaxation and stress relief to healing and pain reduction, deep tissue massage has many benefits. While results vary from person to person, the benefits of a deep tissue massage include:

  • Muscle lengthening to reduce stiffness throughout the body
  • Softening muscle tightness
  • Breaking up scar tissue to encourage healing
  • Improved flexibility
  • Detoxification of the body
  • Increased blood circulation
  • Overall feeling of relaxation and stress relief
  • Lower blood pressure and heart rate
  • Rehabilitation of injured muscles
  • Postural alignment

Our deep tissue massage can help you reduce your tight muscleWe can help you relieve upper back pain

How Does Deep Tissue Massage Help Muscles?

When you come in for your deep tissue massage in Pitt Meadows, your registered massage therapist (RMT) will apply sustained pressure to the areas of your body experiencing tension or pain. Through deep, consistent strokes, the inner layers of your muscles and fascia (the connective tissues) will be targeted. Deep tissue massages are a great way to break up scar tissue as it improves lymphatic circulation and drainage. In turn, this improves the flexibility of the muscle, increasing the range of motion where injury has occurred.

Deep tissue massage will also break down muscle adhesions, which are the “knots” we feel in our muscles that feel like strips of rigid, tender muscle tissue. When muscle adhesions are formed, blood circulation is inhibited leading to pain and inflammation. A deep tissue massage can target those knots, through kneading and consistent pressure, resulting in pain relief and increased mobility.

If you’ve experienced a sports injury, deep tissue massage can rehabilitate those tight or twisted muscles to improve recovery. Many athletes incorporate deep tissue massage into their recovery routine to aid with muscle soreness, combat muscle fatigue, and prevent or treat injuries.

Overall, a deep tissue massage can target any area of the body but is typically used to address pain and stiffness in major muscles groups, joints, and tendons.

Who Can Benefit From Deep Tissue Massage Therapy?

While many athletes use deep tissue massage to improve recovery and prevent injury, this type of massage therapy can be beneficial to anyone experiencing pain, fatigue, stress, and several other ailments. By utilizing relaxation techniques and encouraging detoxification, deep tissue massage can improve both your physical and mental health.

Whether you’re looking to relieve body pain, improve muscle flexibility, rehabilitate injured muscles, or manage chronic pain, our deep tissue massage in Pitt Meadows can address these issues and improve your body’s functioning. Amongst others, here are a few common conditions deep tissue massage addresses:

  • Sports injuries
  • Tennis elbow
  • Sciatica
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Arthritis
  • Headaches or migraines

What Should You Expect From a Deep Tissue Massage?

Before your deep tissue massage in Pitt Meadows begins, your massage therapist will ask about your problem areas, injuries, and illnesses/ conditions to tailor the therapy to your needs. A deep tissue massage can involve your entire body or be isolated to specific areas, which you can discuss with your RMT.

Once you’re undressed to your comfort level, you will be asked to lay on either your back or stomach on the massage table, covered by a sheet. Starting with a lighter touch to warm up your muscles, your RMT will slowly increase the pressure and target your areas of concern. This will involve kneading, stroking, and other forms of therapy at varying intensities tailored to your comfort and need. In a deep tissue massage, it’s common for the massage therapist to use their palms and fingers to knead the muscles, as well as their elbows and forearms to apply increased pressure. Your RMT will check in with you regularly to ensure the pressure is neither too soft nor intense; however, be sure to speak up if you feel discomfort or pain during your massage.

Following your deep tissue massage, you may experience some lingering soreness, especially if you’re new to this type of massage therapy. While this is not unusual, using a heating pad or cold pack wrapped in a cloth can help relieve any discomfort you’re feeling. It’s especially important to stay hydrated following your deep tissue massage as your body will be releasing toxins that need to be flushed out.

Our therapist can ease your neck and shoulder sore


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Can't say enough of how wonderful my massage treatment has been. Kia, my massage therapist, has been so great. Very kind and so helpful. He really knows his techniques to make my back feel great. Everyone here is terrific.

- Cindy Klingensmith

Amazing results and she has definitely put the work into my issue. I did not get that at another big clinic in Pitt meadows. Loving this clinic!

- Lisa Anzulovich

This wellness clinic is fantastic. The building is clean, beautiful and inviting. I have been to many clinics and this one was by far my fav top 3. The registered massage therapists are incredible..very knowledgeable with experience and eager to help and get to the root of the problem. They listen to what you say, they care, and are patient and very professional. I had a fantastic massage and left feeling better than when I came in. 5 stars

- Jessee Peragine

This place is amazing! I have always been reluctant to receive therapy but this place put my mind at ease. The staff was very welcoming, they explained their massage services very clearly and you get what you pay for - excellent service. As soon as you step inside, you can see the owner has put a lot of effort in the need to provide warmth and comfort for the client. I feel and see a positive change in my body from when I started coming here, and I will continue to do so. Thanks guys, you are wonderful!

- Jasman Dhaliwal

I’m obsessed with the massage service in Pitt Meadows! Kind and polite people work there, in a very positive and safe environment. Their Registered Massage Therapists offer amazing massage treatments. I felt so much better after my treatment. Highly recommend it.

- Amu Sran

Great massage experience. Polite, professional staff and massage therapists in Pitt Meadows. Very clean and neat wellness center. Highly recommend it!

- Rugile K.

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